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Life Changing Psychological Services, PLLC


Established in 2005, Life Changing Psychological Services, PLLC, provides face-to-face services to Putnam, Westchester and NYC as well as interstate sessions.  Services consist of psychotherapy, parenting, family dynamics and psychological evaluations.  Clinical psychologist, Dr. Waldman is in, to take care of your developmental and psychological needs.  She uses a holistic, eclectic and biopsychosocial approach.  She interacts with age groups starting from toddlers to geriatrics.  Some of the disorders identified are not limited to, ADHD, Intellectual Developmental Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurocognitive Disorder (Dementia).  House calls, phone sessions, educational seminars, email sessions and Skype are available.


Many people are not aware that back in 1995, I was ill and almost died. The aftermath was an extra 100 pounds that was bestowed upon me. So I was put into a position of living within a body that was not created by food. Needless to say, it takes a toll on your vital organs besides other things. It effects your physical, spiritual and psychological being. So what do you do about this? I researched for years how to get the weight off when the medical community said, “You will not get it off due to your illness.” Many people who know me will concur that I am a fighter and I always go against the odds. So just this year I decided to try again. After all, eventually I will have many obesity medical issues. I am also very energetic and always was. I do not look like my current photo to date which I will change soon. To date I lost 45 pounds in 2 months. I am manipulating my system so that it continues to lose daily. I always had a passion to help others that is why I am a clinical psychologist and ordained minister. I will be starting up a group in the fall time on a conference call to educate people on obesity, food, health risks and more. I want to help to save as many lives as possible. My journey had me start in Northern New York State. I had faith that placing myself in a controlled environment would change my metabolism. For me it was not just going on a set amount of calories and working out. So every couple of weeks or so I am up there and home for some time. I maintained losing weight in both places. I will continue to trick my body and change it up until all of the weight is off. If anybody is interested in this which 60% of the population is overweight, obese or morbidly obese please call 914-961-8412 or email drpnw4@aol.com, revdrpenni@yahoo.com. If I COULD DO IT, YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nobody has all of the answers. It is important to know that you brought another human being into the world. It is our job to provide the tools that has that child make the right decisions. If we as a community, parents, schools etc. are without the proper tools ourselves, how can we assist this child to be a productive person? Our role models (parents, grandparents, guardians) did the best they could. Sometimes through no fault of their own, they were not given the tools they needed that would assist them in the world.
Sometimes our issues may get involved with parenting. For example, I had a patient who had problems disciplining their child. The type of discipline was “time out” which I am sure you all heard of. We were able to explore the emotions that were blocking this patient from enforcing the “time out.” The guilt of their past childhood had interfered with the current life.

Pay It Forward

This past week I had the opportunity to meet a kind young woman who has been working in the industry of lash extensions.  Her name is Megan from Meg-a-Lashes.com.  She works in White Plains, New York.  She is a very talented woman who has been working in the industry for several  years.  The reason I am writing about her is because of her integrity and customer loyalty.  I met with her to see exactly what extensions were all about.  I then purchased them.  She explained every step of the way.  In fact, I had some lashes fall out the next day, which is normal.  I told her my concern and she explained that sometimes when we sleep this may occur.  She had me come back to put in not only the three that were lost but added many more on both of my lashes.  I have not lost anymore up until this point.  Not only did she not charge me, she would not take a tip from me.  She is a person of integrity and stands behind her work.

Professional Testimony

Dr. Waldman is a tenacious professional who assertively follows through on projects and tasks…Dr. Waldman eagerly accepts new challenges and approaches management with solutions, not problems.
Christopher DeCanio, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Ms. Waldman is an initiator.  When there are problems on the unit she calls interdisciplinary meetings to address the crisis…I am quite impressed with her genuine care and passion for the residents and their families.
Donna Sealy-Maldonado, RN, NCC, Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center, Inc.

Words of Inspiration

Life is challenging for everyone.  What happened to the economy?  Do not be fooled.  Stress levels have increased, even in our children.  What are they thinking?  How do they handle the stressors of being bullied?

stressDo you know the signs?  More and more chemicals are being put in our foods.  Some children may be effected with ADHD due to environmental issues.  The challenges of academic achievement and I.Q. scores are necessary to see what is happening with my child.  Your marriage may have stressors due to work stressors.

Your geriatric parents may have an onset of dementia that may lead to Alzheimer Disease.  The list goes on.   Have somebody there to help you through the challenges that we all face at different times.  Life touches all of us.  Reach out and call 914-961-8412.